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Flip Your Classroom with iPad

Flip Teaching interfuses educational content demonstration through web presentations and engaging activities with students in class. It delivers knowledge to students with online presentations as well as home assignments and tasks. Teachers help students after they try to solve the problems themselves. Pedagogue can be attentive towards all the students individually and students can help […]

Planning Your Blended Learning Journey

Blended Learning is the learning and teaching approach which combines and aligns online learning (eLearning) with face-to-face teaching sessions. New types of information activities confront us to create new manners and means of learning and teaching. The blended approach using modern ICT technology prioritises learners not the teachers and intends to make learning easy and […]

E-Lecture Producer powerful iPad tool for 21st century teachers

Online learning or eLearning is becoming an essential part of modern education and more and more schools are implementing various technologies such as mobile learning, flip teaching, 1:1 iPad, gamification and animation into their curriculum. However, the new type of blended learning requires teachers to have the right skill-sets to direct the learners with efficiency. […]

New Technology Popularize Flip Teaching

The type of blended learning interfusion of knowledge demonstration through online interactive presentations and teachers offering more personalised guidance and interaction with students in class is called flip teaching. It is also known as “flipping the classroom”, “backwards classroom”, “reverse teaching” or “reverse instruction”. Unlike the monotonous traditional method of teaching involved reading of textbooks […]