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Best Biology App “Basic Microbiology Lab Techniques” for iPhone, iPad and Web

The microbial world is a realm of life made up of microorganisms and viruses. Although they are too small to be seen with the naked eye, they are intriguing and always full of surprises!  Using the most beautiful animations and informative images, biology App “Basic Microbiology Lab Techniques” give you an innovative and interesting way to learn the microbiology […]

Popular iPad App for Teachers – Teaching Tools

Apple’s iPad with its sharp design bestows upon its users and its widespread among educators and learners made this tablet an indispensable tool for teachers and students. There is now strong evidence that iPad (and indeed the iPad in particular rather than Android tablets) are valuable educational tools. The increasingly positive impact of iPad on […]

Chemical Elements

Language: English Support: iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE9, Opera A FREE web based elegant chemistry tool for students and researchers. It offers an elements’ list view and periodic table view. All elements are given with its properties and images. Users can even try the molecular weight calculator. Just click on the […]