Planning Your Blended Learning Journey

Blended Learning is the learning and teaching approach which combines and aligns online learning (eLearning) with face-to-face teaching sessions. New types of information activities confront us to create new manners and means of learning and teaching. The blended approach using modern ICT technology prioritises learners not the teachers and intends to make learning easy and approachable over time, place, path, and/or pace.

blended learningTo successfully deliver a blended learning project, a strong lesson plan need to be properly constructed to ensure proficiently delivering of the content in a flexible environment. All blend components such as workshops, activities and online modules, delivery method, the average learner time to complete each component and typical timeframe in which this component is started and completed need to be assessed and evaluated at the beginning. It is also important to consider the vision of the learner and anticipate how typical learners might take their own paths and ensure the way you present these paths will be intuitive and useful. Successful blended learning involves adjustable or extensible time and place and contemporary way to be practiced.

The use of technology is becoming not only useful but also mandatory to deliver a successful blended learning project in the 21st Century. Web 2.0 and Learning Management System (Moodle, Blackboard etc.) can be the backbone of your blend. You can always adapt new delivery formats and emerging technologies (such as Social, Mobile, and Informal learning) to perfect your blend. For example, mobile Apps like the E-lecturer producer, ShowMe, and YouTube are useful tools to flip your classroom. Game-based learning approach can be taken into account by playing subject related games to learn content online or offline. There are fabulous and variety of resources available from books to blog posts, videos to white papers that will condone an educator to learn about, identify different models of, and giving guidance to start to administering blended learning for the teachers who want to get equipped with the knowledge.

But you work doesn’t stop after you have designed your blended learning project. You should always think about the ongoing management after launch. Blended learning projects are rarely perfect right out of the gate. You need to keep watching and listening and be prepared to adjust. You ultimate goal is to build and sustain an ever-improving blended course that balances the best of both online and face-to-face approach, to help students achieve the course goals and learning objectives.


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