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Engage Learners with Scenario-based Mobile Learning

Although still in its infancy, anytime anywhere mobile learning is shifting traditional teaching and learning process and leading to new pedagogy. But mobile learning is more than just using a mobile device to access content and communicate with others – it is the processes of coming to know through exploration and conversation across multiple contexts […]

Giving a Child his/her First Smart Device: 5 Questions to Answer

The growing popularity of smart devices among children has become a rite of passage. While these nifty devices induce benefits inlearning, some first-time users tend to cross the line between being a master and a slave of their gadget. Given this inevitable situation, parents are compelled to embrace a new challenge, especially in taking precautionary […]

Principles Of Mobile Learning Design

Technology like smart phones, tablets, Apps, and 3G/4G broadband allow anytime anywhere mobile learning and these technology are lubricating the shift to more inclusive and higher quality personalized education. But a truly immersive mobile learning experience goes beyond all the technology to the lives of each individual learner. There are a unique set of challenges associated […]

How to use QR codes in Teaching?

QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) is a type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional barcode) first designed for the automotive industry in Japan. Since QR code is image based, it can be scanned and read through a phone camera and decoded by QR code Apps. The information encoded by a QR code can be linked to any type of data (webpage, […]

How to Use Smartphones in the Classroom — Advice for Teachers

Smartphones are becoming popular and a symbol of fashion among youth of this generation, but it can also be used to make learning fun and tangible. Teachers are encouraged to embrace the sophisticated latest technology tool to engage their students with a hope to make learning strategies interactive. Computers can’t be installed in all the […]