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Prepare, Deliver, Communicate: An iPad Workflow For Teachers

Over the past few years, more and more institutes have been making use of the iPad as their “tool of choice” in their academic lives. It is a big financial commitment for schools that decide to build an iPad program. Resources need to be allocated and extensive changes in teaching practices need to be implemented […]

My Signature — help you to generate a customised e-signature on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

iPhone is great, it is basically a personal assistant in your pocket packed full of features to make your life easier. It is hard to argue with the fact that Apple and the app developers give us an incredible array of tools for helping us in our daily lives. My Signature is an iPhone, iPod […]

Maximize your 1:1 iPad Program- get ready for anywhere, anytime education

iPad has already become the educational transformation technology that gives teachers and students the creative freedom to explore teaching and learning in new and exciting ways. A number of useful apps on and for the iPad allow students to study and research at any time without having access a computer. The features like recording, creating […]

Learn and have fun with your children using iPad App “Magnetic Touch Board”

Download it for your iPad Now: Magnetic Touch Board only for $1.99 Every parent wants his or her kids to love to learn. A passion for learning will help children’s brain development and make them more successful and happier throughout their lives. Parents are always children’s best teachers.  Books, school and even education experts can’t accomplish what you […]

Popular iPad App for Teachers – Teaching Tools

Apple’s iPad with its sharp design bestows upon its users and its widespread among educators and learners made this tablet an indispensable tool for teachers and students. There is now strong evidence that iPad (and indeed the iPad in particular rather than Android tablets) are valuable educational tools. The increasingly positive impact of iPad on […]