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5 Great iPad Tips Every Teachers Should Know

The use of iPads in the classroom for improving teaching and learning has proved to dramatically impact education. For teachers, it is essential to have the knowledge and confidence to use this tool in front of your students. Here are 5 useful iPad Tips for teachers to navigate your iPad. 1. Create folders on iPad […]

Useful iPad tips for teachers – how to transfer files from a computer to iPad

As an important educational transformation technology, iPad is becoming more and more popular among teachers. From time to time, teachers and students need to transfer files from a computer to an iPad; here we are presenting 3 different ways to transfer your files to iPad from your computer – iTunes (file sharing), Cloud Drives and […]

An essential iPad Tip for Teachers—Display or Mirror your iPad screen on an external TV, projector, or display

As a fantastic tablet for education, iPad has been widely used in modern schools. But most teachers don ‘t know all the little tips and shortcuts that make life simpler with it. One of the most useful features of iPad for teacher is it allows you to display your iPad on a big screen and […]