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Prepare, Deliver, Communicate: An iPad Workflow For Teachers

Over the past few years, more and more institutes have been making use of the iPad as their “tool of choice” in their academic lives. It is a big financial commitment for schools that decide to build an iPad program. Resources need to be allocated and extensive changes in teaching practices need to be implemented […]

Technology epitomizing Personalized Learning

What is personalized learning? Learning should be a deeply personal experience. Children have a huge appetite and capacity to learn, yet all do not learn as enthusiastically or effectively at school. That may well be because the education system fails to understand and meet their particular needs and aspirations. Children come into education from different […]

Planning Your Blended Learning Journey

Blended Learning is the learning and teaching approach which combines and aligns online learning (eLearning) with face-to-face teaching sessions. New types of information activities confront us to create new manners and means of learning and teaching. The blended approach using modern ICT technology prioritises learners not the teachers and intends to make learning easy and […]

Elucidate Education By Big Data

Big data are collections of data sets, enormous and wide, can’t be easily administered using on-hand database management tools and traditional data processing. A large number of data can be produced and shared which can make life much easier with the help of computer. The big data are also originated due to revolutionised technology and […]

Synchronous eLearning and Asynchronous eLearning are they complementary or antagonistic?

Synchronous eLearning allows communicating at the same point engaging them for real-time communication even if present at different place. Synchronous learning can be performed using audio conferencing, web conferencing, video conferencing, instant messaging, chat and application sharing. These involve discussions, dialogues, sharing presentations and information In-depth discussions with higher-touch interactions, information sharing of low-complexity issues, […]