New Technology Popularize Flip Teaching

The type of blended learning interfusion of knowledge demonstration through online interactive presentations and teachers offering more personalised guidance and interaction with students in class is called flip teaching. It is also known as “flipping the classroom”, “backwards classroom”, “reverse teaching” or “reverse instruction”.

Unlike the monotonous traditional method of teaching involved reading of textbooks and work on problem sets given by the teacher. In flipped teaching tutors help the students when they become stuck in a problem or understanding a concept to move on to the next topic, rather than imparting the initial lesson. The students receive productive feedback and the improvement instructions through the processing activities that occur during class, reducing the need for the instructor to provide extensive written feedback on the students work. Immediate feedback helps students to notice and think about their own growing understanding. It enables teachers to spend longer time with students building strong relationships and faith in each other. Flipped classroom can produce significant learning gains with exposure to new material via reading assignments and quizzes, group discussion and activities. Students may spend time in class engaged in debates, data analysis, or synthesis activities focussing on their strengths to become successful in life. Some colleges and universities have already started to implement flipped classes for certain subjects. Researches have shown that flip classes have enhanced the learning outcomes and reduced the number of failed students in subjects.

However, effective delivery of flip teaching relies hugely on the successfully adaption of technology. Students who have no access to computers or the Internet outside school cannot participate in flipped classes. Students will start skipping the lectures in the schools as they can do the activities during flip classes or vice versa. Recording lectures requires extra time by faculty, to motivate learners and prepare for class. It may require another skilful employee to complete the task effectively. Students will lose the importance of face to face lectures in the class as video lectures are available to anyone online and will not develop certain behavioural and personal characteristics.

E-Lecture Producer ipad appAs the flipped is achieving popularity, new tools start to emerge to support flip teaching in curriculum. For example, TouchApp have developed iphone and iPad app E-Lecture Producer to help teachers to recorder and publish voice-over PPT online. With the development of powerful mobile devices educational resources such as the high quality science app “ChemCalc” and “Focus on Plant” have become approachable, greater numbers of courses will likely employ elements of the flipped classroom, supplementing traditional home assignments with interactive presentations and supporting virtual laboratory practices during regular class times.


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