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Prepare, Deliver, Communicate: An iPad Workflow For Teachers

Over the past few years, more and more institutes have been making use of the iPad as their “tool of choice” in their academic lives. It is a big financial commitment for schools that decide to build an iPad program. Resources need to be allocated and extensive changes in teaching practices need to be implemented […]

Handy iPad Accessories for Education

As an educational transformation technology, Apple’s iPad offers endless potentials and conveniences for classroom settings.  Educators are continually finding new ways to maximize the impact of iPads in different teaching and learning environments. Here, we introduce several valuable iPad accessories for teachers to expand the usability of iPads in education. 1.iPad case and screen protector […]

Benefits of IPad as A Learning Tool

IPad emerges as the latest powerful learning tool and is practically changing the face of education. With more than 50,000 “educational apps” available through Apple’s app store, iPad offers students and teachers diverse methods to engage in inspiring teaching and learning experiences in the 21st century classroom. Here are some top benefits of using iPads for education: […]

Use iPad for Project-based Learning

Project-based learning (PBL) is an interactive and correlative form of learning. It is an adroit expertise to present learning resource in a cognized manner. PBL provokes ideas and innovations in an authentic environment. Brainstorming the problems with a level of your educational standard is the main idea behind designing PBL. PBL can be difficult tasks […]

Effective iPad Classroom Through Apple TV

1:1 iPad initiative in school has provided teachers and students more teaching and learning tools than ever before. Teachers start to see how mobile devices can support instruction and learning in a classroom environment. While iPad is an impressive stand-alone learning device, you may want to share your iPad screen using big projector so your […]