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Bacteria Guide

Language: English, Chinese Support: iPad Bacteria Guide is an educational app which provides a general information and basic knowledge of bacteria. The app covers five aspects of bacterial knowledge, including the bacterial morphology, bacterial growth and metabolism, basic bacterial genetics, laboratory techniques and the relationship between bacteria and human beings. Designed with the beautiful interactive […]

New App for Spider Research

TouchApp released a new free mobile app, Spider in da house, in August 2013. This app was developed for researchers to study the house spiders’ behaviour and habitat in the UK. The project was collaborated with the Society of Biology and provides both iPhone and Android apps for FREE downloading. Every app users can take […]


Language: English, Chinese Support: iPad This is a convenient chemistry tool for students and professionals to calculate molecular mass (molecular weight) of compounds and learn basic properties of chemical elements on iPad. Main features Unique elements keyboard and digits keyboard are provided for user to input a chemical formula and then calculate its molecular mass. […]