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New Technology Popularize Flip Teaching

The type of blended learning interfusion of knowledge demonstration through online interactive presentations and teachers offering more personalised guidance and interaction with students in class is called flip teaching. It is also known as “flipping the classroom”, “backwards classroom”, “reverse teaching” or “reverse instruction”. Unlike the monotonous traditional method of teaching involved reading of textbooks […]

Using iPad in school for education with promising outcomes

With the revolution of technology in computing and mobile devices, iPad becomes an invincible charm and effect for school education. If students get to use iPads from the beginning, it increases their enthusiasm in the study. Everyone doesn’t agree with the statement, some think it can be source of distraction and some have opinion that […]

Infographics and data visualization for education

Infographics is a graphic visual to correspond or epitomizing complex information of data or knowledge. They ameliorate perception by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system’s ability to see arrangement and orientation. Infographics present information swiftly by outlining in graphical form rather than exhausting text allowing everyone even non- specialized people to understand at […]