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Flip Your Classroom with iPad

Flip Teaching interfuses educational content demonstration through web presentations and engaging activities with students in class. It delivers knowledge to students with online presentations as well as home assignments and tasks. Teachers help students after they try to solve the problems themselves. Pedagogue can be attentive towards all the students individually and students can help […]

Use iPad for Project-based Learning

Project-based learning (PBL) is an interactive and correlative form of learning. It is an adroit expertise to present learning resource in a cognized manner. PBL provokes ideas and innovations in an authentic environment. Brainstorming the problems with a level of your educational standard is the main idea behind designing PBL. PBL can be difficult tasks […]

Smarter iPad Classroom with Cloud-Based Learning

Learning is becoming increasingly digital and more and more schools are adapting¬†1:1 iPad Program in their day-to-day activities. New ways of teaching and learning have put significant demands on the technology industry to provide teachers and students anywhere anytime broadband access, graphics processing ability, multi-media production tools and other innovations. Access becomes increasingly important and […]

Giving a Child his/her First Smart Device: 5 Questions to Answer

The growing popularity of smart devices among children has become a rite of passage. While these nifty devices induce benefits inlearning, some first-time users tend to cross the line between being a master and a slave of their gadget. Given this inevitable situation, parents are compelled to embrace a new challenge, especially in taking precautionary […]

Tablet security concerns and solutions in the classroom

The use of tablets in the classroom for improving the learning methods has endless advantages not only for the youngsters but also for the whole society mentored by educators. It has entirely different impact and the kids of the current generation use these digital devices more often compare to their parents and teachers in earlier […]