Is iPad good for children? Give guidance to parents

As parents we are responsible for shaping the career and personalities of our children and the foundation is laid during their childhood. With the enhancing technology it is becoming difficult day-by-day to chose the correct way to ensure technology will help their education and giving a long and positive impact on the kids. When you are in such a dilemma think about the detailed features and design of certain technology may help you make the right choice at the beginning of your children’s lives.

Tablets (iPad) are devices that adjust suitably with children’s lifestyle. It is convenient to use than traditional computers. Today’s modern classrooms are based on online teaching and eLearning platforms;  iPad can help to access online learning content anywhere. Some of the most innovative instructional Apps have been developed specifically for tablets, and teachers and students are more comfortable using them anywhere they want. It has no portability problem like earlier computers and laptops and contains instructions to assist with the basic problems.

iPad has variety of applications (Apps) starting from the small kids just 2 years old like Peekaboo, “Moo, Baa, La La La, which can nurse the behavioural activities of kids better than a baby sitter. Apple’s App store has more than 700 Apps for children that help develop basic coordination characteristics in your kids. From the science to the gymnasium, children can get outstanding ideas, aquarium, zoo, interactive maps and specific content exhibits the thrilling experience to know the places where you can’t take your children because of time constraints and obviously equipping them with knowledge, which may be observed in the lab and on the court and your worries about the career of your children is subsidised.
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From homework and tests to digital textbooks, the iPad offers numerous ways to eliminate paper, saving your money and showing your love and concern for the environment. Researches also have supported that tablet-type devices can actually enhance the social interaction central to the learning process sharing your experiences from office to your kids in the school. There are also ways for you to directly interact and learn together with your Kids use tablet. For example, iPad App Magnetic Touch Board is a great education tool to support parents and children’s interactive learning. It provides unlimited letters, phonemes and other characters to help children to learn phonemes, words and maths together with children using iPads.

Parents should decide the timings and set rules when allow children to use iPad rather than leaving them unattended but of course kids should get their own time just to play and do whatever they want, not to feel them bounded or restricted. You can check the history on the devices and get an idea what your children do with the gadget and if you feel any inappropriate action, you can set up the security filters or enabling ‘safe search’ settings on their browsers. As a parent you can be best mentor for your kids if you can supervise them in handling the device with proper contents, although if you don’t have much knowledge with computing as these devices are really easy and compatible to use. Technology is a boon only if you can manage it in a positive way. Don’t you feel your kids are smarter than you in comparison to the same age during your childhood; the need of this generation is proper supervision. Always remember some basic skills can only be developed through engaging the children physically and giving them real experience of world in three dimensions. Set a time table in which your children can also play outdoor games, interact with the people in the world physically. If everything done in the correct way, the iPad can really behave as magical devices in shaping the all rounder characteristics in your kids.


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