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The recent introduction of iPad in schools in USA and other countries has secured Apple a strong position within education system. Teachers and students are starting to explore the potential of iPad for education and ask what works and what doesn’t for their classrooms. Here is a list for some of the most popular iPad App for teachers and educators. For more professional tools app for teachers, please see teaching tools for iPad. Since the App Store is an ever-changing landscape, let us know if you think something important is missing.

Google Drive

google drive

Google provides 5GB cloud space for free. You can access your documents from any device anywhere. Google Drive supports documents, pictures, movies etc.  It also provides share function to easily pass your files to your friends.



Dropbox also provide cloud service to save your files. You can access all the files you save in your Dropbox from iPhone, iPad, computers and the Dropbox website as well. It has share function too.




Evernote is designed to help you organize and remember things across different platforms. You can use Evernote to take notes, create to-do lists, capture photos, record voice reminders whether you are at home, at work, or on the go.



Pages is the word processor tool from Apple. Has been exclusively designed for the iPad, Pages can help you create, edit and view documents wherever you are.


Keynote keynote

Keynote is the presentation tool from Apple. It also has been re-designed for iPad. Keynote provides a wide range of beautiful template to help you create world-class presentation.


E-lecturer producer HDELectureProducer

E-lecturer producer is an eLearning tool. It helps teachers to transform existing static PowerPoint presentations or PDF slides into auto-played online presentation (HTML format). You can also add transcript and recorder voice-over slide by slide. You can easily put your converted presentation on current eLearning systems, such as BlackBoard, Moodle, School website etc.


iBooks includes the iBookstore is Apple’s solution to download and read books. You can organize your own book library and bookmark or add notes to your favourite passages.



iMovie helps you edit your HD video on your iPad. Designed with Multi-Touch support, you can easily tap, swipe and drag your video to make some movie magic.


Rec PadRecPad

Rec Pad helps you to record your readings from prepared reading materials. You can import .pdf, .doc, .htm, .html, .txt, .rtf format of reading transcripts and the Rec Pad display your reading transcripts while recording. The final recorded files can be exported to Dropbox or send as an email.



Nearpod is a synchronous solution for the use of iPads in the classroom. It can help teachers to manage the lecture and share content with students. Students can receive shared class content and participate in classroom activities.


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