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Are Apps Going to Replace Textbooks?

Printed textbooks have long been used as the centre of education, but as the aeon of paper books has transpired, traditional textbooks face great challenges to serve as the main mode of deliverance of education. It is a common perception now that digital technology holds great potential to improve institutional learning. In just a few […]

Create Effective Mobile Learning Through Three Cognitive Levels

Mobile learning or m-learning is the new trend for education, and pioneers of alternative education are trumpeting the use of this modern technology to enhance learning and teaching. But with most mobile learning adaptors still focus on simply changing the existing content to fit into new mobile platforms, little efforts have been tried to design […]

How to Use Smartphones in the Classroom — Advice for Teachers

Smartphones are becoming popular and a symbol of fashion among youth of this generation, but it can also be used to make learning fun and tangible. Teachers are encouraged to embrace the sophisticated latest technology tool to engage their students with a hope to make learning strategies interactive. Computers can’t be installed in all the […]