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Smarter iPad Classroom with Cloud-Based Learning

Learning is becoming increasingly digital and more and more schools are adapting 1:1 iPad Program in their day-to-day activities. New ways of teaching and learning have put significant demands on the technology industry to provide teachers and students anywhere anytime broadband access, graphics processing ability, multi-media production tools and other innovations. Access becomes increasingly important and […]

Unification pathways with iPad Camera in Classrooms

The camera on the iPad is probably the most lucrative and influential feature available on the device. There is passion for photography in almost all of us: we love to be clicked and we love to click. Although the students don’t have much idea about the graphics and the technology, they have no difficulties to […]

An essential iPad Tip for Teachers—Display or Mirror your iPad screen on an external TV, projector, or display

As a fantastic tablet for education, iPad has been widely used in modern schools. But most teachers don ‘t know all the little tips and shortcuts that make life simpler with it. One of the most useful features of iPad for teacher is it allows you to display your iPad on a big screen and […]