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Unfolding the ultimate future textbooks

The aeon of paper books has transpired. Most of us are consonant with printed pages, but in the near future the main mode of deliverance of education would be by digital means. The justification lies on the fact of hugely surcharged prices, textbooks have been under a high analysis through the media. Students are unable […]

Synchronous eLearning and Asynchronous eLearning are they complementary or antagonistic?

Synchronous eLearning allows communicating at the same point engaging them for real-time communication even if present at different place. Synchronous learning can be performed using audio conferencing, web conferencing, video conferencing, instant messaging, chat and application sharing. These involve discussions, dialogues, sharing presentations and information In-depth discussions with higher-touch interactions, information sharing of low-complexity issues, […]

E-Lecture Producer powerful iPad tool for 21st century teachers

Online learning or eLearning is becoming an essential part of modern education and more and more schools are implementing various technologies such as mobile learning, flip teaching, 1:1 iPad, gamification and animation into their curriculum. However, the new type of blended learning requires teachers to have the right skill-sets to direct the learners with efficiency. […]

Engaging learners through incorporated animation in eLearning

Historical proves have shown that animations were always used in teaching practice, starting from the time of primitive man in the form of cave paintings and illustrations. The techniques used in early times were clay motion, cut-out and pixilation. The animation learning can stimulate cognitive and emotional behaviour and help students to understand complex ideas […]

Infographics and data visualization for education

Infographics is a graphic visual to correspond or epitomizing complex information of data or knowledge. They ameliorate perception by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system’s ability to see arrangement and orientation. Infographics present information swiftly by outlining in graphical form rather than exhausting text allowing everyone even non- specialized people to understand at […]