How to Deploy iPad in School?

The iPad is becoming an important educational transformation technology, and more and more schools are starting to use iPads in the classroom to improve teaching and learning activities. But many teachers find it difficult to get reliable information to guide them to set up and manage the iPads in an educational environment. Here we present iPad […]

Create Effective Mobile Learning Through Three Cognitive Levels

Mobile learning or m-learning is the new trend for education, and pioneers of alternative education are trumpeting the use of this modern technology to enhance learning and teaching. But with most mobile learning adaptors still focus on simply changing the existing content to fit into new mobile platforms, little efforts have been tried to design […]

Enhance Teaching and Learning with Simulation

What is Simulation? Simulation, which replicates substantial aspects of the real world in a fully interactive manner, is a technique to restore and mimic real experiences with guided ones in an immersive environment. As a form of experiential learning, simulation-based training comes in different forms. Sometimes they contain elements of games, an activity that acts […]

Google Glass in Education

Google Glass is Google’s attempt to leap mankind into the future by supplying wearable technology that is easily accessible by its users. Poised as a lightweight and nonintrusive eyewear, Google Glass responses to voice commands and taking photo/audio/video with a wink.  Google Glass gives its wearers ultimate access to digital information and the most modern […]

What Makes a Digitally Competent Teacher?

Obviously the biggest cultural adjustment of our society over the past few decades is adapting to the fast evolving, ever emerging digital technology. Digital technology, web, smart devices and all the far-reaching, fast communications options now at our fingertips define our generation. In the arena of education, advances of this magnitude and enormous influence cannot […]