Teacherpreneurs – the Leaders of Future Education

Teacherpreneur is a new term that is gradually taking over as the role of teachers is getting more and more complex and elaborate. As technology evolves, so is the need for improvement in the way students are taught. With these needs, more responsibilities are placed on the shoulders of classroom teachers – they need to do more research work, create better curriculum, have more time for the students, etc. Teachers are expected to participate in educational leadership in various forms.

Who is a Teacherpreneur?

A teacherpreneur is a classroom expert who teaches students for part of each day or week and spreads sound practices and innovative ideas beyond his school, district, and state. In other words, a teacherpreneur is a teacher who leads without leaving the classroom. They are saddled with leadership roles even as they continue to do the work of classroom teaching. It may suffice to say that a teacherpreneur is that teacher who takes on several duties or roles in school. These roles could be counseling, taking multiple subjects, advisory, testifying before the state department of education about policies affection teachers and education and creating innovative teaching resources.

Conditions that favor the rise of Teacherpreneur

With the rise of mobile learning, comes the demand for personalized learning as well as the need for personalized learning curriculum. It is expected that there is going to be an upsurge in teacherpreneur in the next few years. Teachers need to be empowered to fit into the competition, and be well positioned to deliver the best of services to students. Some of the conditions that help to empower teacherpreneurs include:

  • They are closer to the grassroots: Teachers know the students more than anyone else does. They know what students want, the areas where improvements are needed, and the areas that need consolidation. This closeness to the grassroots empowers them ahead of others who are not as close.
  • They understand the start-up world: Teacherpreneurs are now equipped with information more than ever before regarding the culture of start-ups. So, they are prepared to add their passion, knowledge and determination to take a vantage position in a world that is gradually being controlled by Edtech innovations.
  • They are already a part of the system: The increase in Edtech entrepreneurs has stimulated the demand for teacherpreneurs. The creativeness, resourcefulness and hard work of the teacherpreneurs have already conditioned and positioned them to creatively fill the gaps in the education market. They already have an edge over others, and so stand a better chance.

The teacherpreneur is a highly resourceful person who always seeks opportunities to improve upon his skills in order to deliver the best of education. This mixture of passion, skills, knowledge and determination makes him more valuable rather than being disadvantaged. With the rise in technology and more demand for personalized learning, the teacherpreneur is better positioned to be employable as well. We can foresee the new breed of teacherpreneur will thoroughly change the course of education for the better.


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