MOOC – Gaining In Popularity

moocThe concept of MOOC or massive open online courses is not a new one. However, though it is gathering momentum and becoming popular today because of its diverse spread across other subjects besides technology.

Earlier this type of online learning took place in the technology space. But with the spread of the Internet and mobile, more and more people getting access to high-speed broadband easily, MOOC as an educative medium is being tapped into by universities and other institutions. Google has its own MOOC-building tool available online and Stanford too has come out with two courses. Other names like Brown, Duke and Princeton are also offering courses in post-secondary education and the response from students has been fantastic.

The hope for students keen to equip themselves with knowledge that will help them find employment is driving them to MOOC. The added benefit is that they would also get access to some of the best courses at no cost to them. Today, thanks to technology, you can access the best course sitting at a remote location and benefit. These courses are not restricted to only students at the beginner level. Many students who enroll already have degrees in graduation. They are making use of MOOC to add to their knowledge in subjects that are now available to them from tutors and study material that are among the best. The courses from Dr. Patterson on software and from Dr. Agarwal on electronics are cases in point where graduate students have endorsed the quality of education being provided to them. A majority of them found the courses to be top notch.

When it comes to online education, 3 things matter. The study material quality, teacher engagement and interactivity among students as well as with the teacher. With MOOC, the quality of study material is excellent as the professors teaching subjects like computer science, math make use of only verified content. The manners in which the courses are delivered through online multimedia (audio, video, games etc.)  have also helped a lot. The only problem arises when it comes to teacher engagement as you just cannot have somebody at all times catering to the tens and thousands of students online. There are unavoidable challenges associated with MOOC. Scaled up learning will make grading imperfect and cheating painless. Students also need to evaluate whether the course is right for them and understand the prerequisites needed to perform well. Course providers need to consider how to award credits to the students and how to fit into the structure of current education system.

Overall though, the flavour of MOOC and its increasing popularity among students and other professionals is difficult to ignore. Gratis learning, networking and the wide spectrum of courses available are all stuff that have been well received and will continue to be so.


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