Benefits of IPad as A Learning Tool

IPad emerges as the latest powerful learning tool and is practically changing the face of education. With more than 50,000 “educational apps” available through Apple’s app store, iPad offers students and teachers diverse methods to engage in inspiring teaching and learning experiences in the 21st century classroom. Here are some top benefits of using iPads for education:

IPad fits mobile era’s lifestyles

  1. Students often find iPads are much simpler to use than traditional computers.
  2. It is portable so can be much freely carried by the students.
  3. Mobile learning allows students to learn at their preferred time and location.


  1. IPad can be fitted with online teaching and learning websites, which can be easily applied in routine classes.
  2. Some education apps are device specific, which can only run on iPads not on Android or Windows tablets.
  3. The technological support for iPad is easy to maintain, students can work from anywhere with cloud based network.


  1. Schools will save money that would otherwise be spent for expensive laptops and computers.
  2. They are environment friendly as with the help of digital textbooks you can go paperless.

Personalised Learning

  1. With the incredible library of iOS apps available, students can self-direct their own learning through a combination of media, from texts and images, to videos, games, social media, and more.
  2. Real-time learning data analysis enables educators to deliver tailored combinations of learning blocks to individual student.

Engagement & Collaboration

  1. IPad allows teachers and students to create and share content easily.
  2. The touch screen has influenced the interaction with the device without external keyboard.
  3. Students can co-ordinate with each other and solve problem together and learning from each other making it fun.
  4. The accessible database and social networking technology contribute in communication for enhanced learning.


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