Unification pathways with iPad Camera in Classrooms

The camera on the iPad is probably the most lucrative and influential feature available on the device. There is passion for photography in almost all of us: we love to be clicked and we love to click.

Although the students don’t have much idea about the graphics and the technology, they have no difficulties to take beautiful pictures. It also saves them by the cost and trouble through scanning and they can easily edit the images according to their preference. It saves time by just looking at photos on smart board as an attached item and makes them more engaged with the subject. Capturing lectures and useful practical, preparation of presentation and demonstration of basic procedures all can be done with the help of iPad camera. Teachers can assign a variety of tasks to give a better understanding of the technology to their students like taking pictures and compiling presentation during special events and functions, taking pictures of staff members and teachers of the school and creating a slide show or digital handbook for new students. The kids should be asked to save pictures with the alphabets and vocabulary or memories or something else related to that picture. Compare to traditional camera, iPad also provides lots of camera related Apps to enrich photos experience.

Collage is a free app for album and online bulletin. You can add photos from the photo library by editing them to a canvas and share them with friends. Pictures can be added to collaborative bulletin through safari without even logging in.

Reinforcement of thoughts: Smart Tudor is a guide enhancing thinking tool for students to document science experiment and math problems as they demonstrating their unique ideas. Educreations is another app, which helps students to express their ideas by writing script and recording audios to explain them.

Mind maps: Popplet is used for script writing, can be used easily to generate ideas and associating them with the pictures to explain them. Use Popplet for script writing and take advantage of the opportunity to target specific Ordinary Core Specification. VoiceThread is a free app to convert any image to online conversations enabling you to start a discussion through comments. Other students and parents can feel like sitting in the class by joining the conversation through recorded audio or text comments. ThingLink is an app to convey your thoughts through multimedia adding text and video to a photo with Safari.

iMovie App is an impressive and remarkable app which turns images into an impressive theater style movie trailer. It can include music and character transitions to film in your own style and let your scripts listened all over the globe. Blogging and publishing the archive of the learning through images is now possible with digital cameras. Web 2.0 tools and several other free apps can be used to finish the work with a redefining learning experience.

There are some issues of concern with the technology to be used in the classroom. The first issue involved is the cost. I would suggest giving the necessary guidelines to the students and deciding some parameters, which should be learnt to earn the device. The second issue is privacy of the pictures. Solution for this is students should take permission from their teachers and Principal before making anything public.  Third, too many users make the system run slow, so students should be assigned different slots to work.


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