How teachers can use Twitter in education?

Twitter is thought to be a social networking platform where individuals share their thought and connect with the entire world including the aspiring things they aim for. You can be quite surprised after coming to know that Twitter has marvellous opportunities to co- function with teachers making a paradigm in the education sector and beyond.

Twitter was launched several years ago but took time by the people to understand its point and value. The few questions, which use to strike in many peoples’ minds: what is it for? Are 140 characters enough to share any point on this big platform where we expect a huge mass to connect with our ideas? Sometimes I felt there nothing exciting or ponderous related to me, so I rarely logged into my account for quiet a long time. Twitter gradually gains acclamation and becomes the prime topic in news; events, conferences. For some unknown reason or give I can say a fashion symbol I thought of using it again for gratifying purposes.


With the passage of time tweeting became a passion for me to share my thoughts more seriously, posting my views in any technology and educational issues and religiously tweeting and following interesting news article, admissible people to my profession. Twitter is a powerful platform to convey your thoughts in terms of tweets. The guidance and enlightenment on Twitter can be truly inspirational. With the cloud services such as DropBox and Google Docs, pictures, videos and documents can be shared and discussed instantaneously.

What is really fascinating that anyone can follow and contribute to these discussions by using hash tags and teachers get to express their novel thoughts without taking pain to get it published or authorised and getting the response of students can decide how to extend the topic further and in what terms. Many key issues can be presented to parents of the student’s who may not know what is actually happening with the school life of their kids. Parents can be encouraged and mentored about any online safety issues that may arise and the role of a particular project and current position of their children. Making them a responsible character at school while sitting at home and offices.

There are some considerations and instructions which a teacher should think about before posting or tweeting anything on this website.

  • Aware of fake accounts: It is easy to spot as the posts will be few with less tweets and won’t have many followers, So can be easily blocked and disappear after a few days if you ignore them.
  • Use multiple accounts: Professional and personal accounts should be different, as you don’t want your students to follow and know things going on in your personal life. At the same time if you share photos of classroom, tips and tricks with other teachers, interesting blog articles, and maybe even some school-wide announcements you don’t want your family to get involved into it. The only suggestion is to enlist no of followers for each account and right niche of people
  • Guide the students: To direct the students about challenges and safety issues that can occur online and online relationships.
  • Protect your account: You should not reveal password and account information. Do not forget to logout of any websites on a shared computer.
  • Limitations: As teachers should always acknowledge and be attentive about your and your students being offensive or upsetting to others and consider the context.
  • Block and ignore: Ignore and bar the content, which shows unwillingness to engage in any interaction, which is aggressive and loses interest, showing your empowerment.
  • Report a violation: If you believe an account is violating Twitter rules as per the standard encourage the student and their parents to file a report.


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