Engaging learners through incorporated animation in eLearning

Historical proves have shown that animations were always used in teaching practice, starting from the time of primitive man in the form of cave paintings and illustrations. The techniques used in early times were clay motion, cut-out and pixilation. The animation learning can stimulate cognitive and emotional behaviour and help students to understand complex ideas more easily and are motivating.

The normal study pattern including teachers with simple texts among different age groups looses its attention for an average learner in a classroom environment depending on the subject and teaching ability of the educator for various ages. To retain the concentration in a subject throughout a lecture through videos or articles with animation achieves much better even in short intervals. It makes you engaged with learning for longer and grows confidence exponentially. Animations can be used in variety of forms in eLearning depending on the subject matter. Simple animation is made directly in Flash Professional and other similar tools; advanced Flash animations are very labour-intensive and are usually designed by IT professionals. Animation of 3D objects, featuring a geometric configuration that gives the visual appearance of form to a 3D object or 3D environment used to show characters and environments that provide excellent storytelling with special effects and are close to real life. Animation allows you to portray scenarios that would be impossible to portray or explain. Animation realistically lets you resolve a whole raft of negative scenarios with a positive manner and can then effectively capture the resulting joy and commendation.

While designing an animated course few important things should be taken into deliberation. It should be short, audience and age relative and content-related. Correct user interactions, animation paths, navigation of the object hierarchy and connection to appropriate audio and music should all be probably managed. Creativity and professionalism are the prime forces behind vivacity of animated course. It is a fusion of art and technology, designed to help students develop a good understanding of the relationship between aesthetic, perceptual and technical factors involved in different fields. Science iPad app Bacteria Guide from TouchApp use carefully designed interactive animations to deliver the basic knowledge of Bacteria including Bacteria growth, metabolism, and relationship with human and many more.

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