Infographics and data visualization for education

Infographics is a graphic visual to correspond or epitomizing complex information of data or knowledge. They ameliorate perception by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system’s ability to see arrangement and orientation. Infographics present information swiftly by outlining in graphical form rather than exhausting text allowing everyone even non- specialized people to understand at least some info to share. Modern maps for transit systems, account for infographic techniques such as the conceptual layout of the transit network, transfer points, and local landmarks. In history illustrations demonstrating the Sun’s rotation patterns, scales, repeatability, fidelity art, culture, poetry, film, and political theory have proved the use of infographics in form of visual art.

For education, infographics is available for most of the subjects like history, geography, social studies, economics, science etc. They are mostly current, suitable and have significant sources that can be used to complement class programs. Infographics sorts subject into categories for easy approach to topics. Instead of circumscribing students to text book sourced confusing and unappropriate graphs, use of infographics for maths lessons like breadth of percentage, trigonometric problems, shares and debentures decimal numbers explains the real purpose for these numbers in actual life. Credible form of graphic illustration is provided online with easy access for every student to analyse as a part of their study. Sharing this graphic information through a blog or social networking site helps in synergetic analysis in comparison to past and current issues. It allows students to think about the information and its link in real world applications, hence enhancing their critical thinking power. Gathering the data, and reading without missing important information, finding a clear set of data to explain a process highlighting key point, by supporting an argument and organizing the project in a hierarchical structure are important. The strategies to create effective infographics for students should be comprised of collaborative discussions, accuracy, reliability and validity of the source, visual and linguistic stimulation.

Bio Flowchart

Designing of infographics from templates, add custom data, and share infographics and charts on the web or download as pictures for placing in presentations is also made possible through some online tools or mobile apps. Bioflow chart from TouchApp is a science infographics created iPad app. With more than 200 biological clip arts and images as well as pre-designed arrows and shapes, it help users to create professional flowcharts and diagrams in an easy way. Now, start to create the relevant science infogaphics to help your students achieve the most of visual understanding.


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