Technology boon of eLearning – effortless era of knowledge

The era of information has made revolutionary change do you agree with me? The proficiency obtained by using different electronic media by use of computer, internet and multimedia has totally changed our lives. I read about stories of angels giving wings to fly high; according to my opinion the eLearning has accomplished the society with expertise. The evolution of eLearning is affably the uttermost preeminent method available for the amplification of education. Premier eLearning flourished on computer-based learning imitating traditional teaching styles therefore the role of the eLearning system was believed to be for delegating proficiency.

Jay Cross of Internet Time Group coined the term eLearning in 2004 by giving learning a dynamic positive change in the form of informal learning, which make you to gain knowledge due to and during your day today activities. Human necessities are not bound by period of time and now basic needs and luxuries come side by side, so everyone wants to succeed in their area of specialization don’t you?

eLearning started with computer-based learning  designed to be accomplished at the student’s comfort nowadays device such as a tablet or smartphones are in practice. There are different terms of data, concept, flow of events and principle for designing learning environments. In the form of audio, radio has been around for a long time and has been used in educational classrooms with the help of CDs. Likewise videos allowed made a great impact on students who are visual learners and tend to learn best by practical description of the material rather than hearing or reading about it. After DVDs or VHS tapes internet came into existence and became a hot cake in the field of education. During the lectures, assessments, certification, professional mentored training courses online content creation was used in different interacting formats. Social media in the form of blogs, discussion boards etc allows students, corporate, professionals and teachers to post their thoughts, ideas, and comments. Gamification is the use of game mechanics and game design techniques in non- game contexts. Mobile learning offers modern ways to support learning process through mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets.

The traditional learning involved a lecture delivered by single lecturer in a boring classroom available for a few individuals who had either money or were exceptionally intelligent. These lectures were non- reproducible. But with eLearning you can enjoy the sunshine in parks and in your study room with music and learn and interact with people, who have gained epitome of knowledge in their respective subjects. In traditional learning you were required to waste ample of time going to the library and finding the suitable books, without knowing the content in the book would be suitable or not. eLearning has made lives easy and simple giving you the best.

In the future there will be blended approaches in which appropriate eLearning modules will be made compulsory precursor to training sessions in the classroom. Learners in the same room will require working in several ideas in an appealing manner. Teachers will need to become adroit designer. The experience for all learners should be enhanced to intrigue learning in a prosperous prevailing style. The future is twinkling, hopeful and attainable for a motivated form of eLearning managing fully implemented in education sector proscribing the procrastinated difficulties to explore further.


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