Connecting world with the bond of knowledge: learning with social media

What is the expert opinion about this newly launched iOS7? What is going on in politics? What are the new companies in my area? What should be my diet? What are the side effects of this medicine? Which University is at the top?  What are new forensic techniques developed? These are just a few of the common questions along with which you wake up in the morning and as soon as you open your eyes you log on to social media websites. There is no need to jest and I am not doing it ask answer from yourself. Some of the commonly used social media websites are, Blinklist, Simpy, to interact by tagging and searching through bookmark. Digg, Propeller, Reddit in which you interact by voting for articles and commenting on them. LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter, Hi5, Last.FM for commenting on profiles, joining groups and having discussions. YouTube, Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram by sharing photos or videos and commenting on user submissions. Wiki, by adding articles and editing existing articles.

Majority of web apps used in in the teaching and learning are Web 2.0 based. Learning and teaching socially online can truly have a metamorphic and genuine impact on learning outcomes and course transmission as accurately as possible, it is important to moderate any inherent positivity and open up the field of study to all viewpoints. It capacitates you to participate in class or to speak your minds, and encourages to peer assess by conveying the feedback in the form of constructive comments from teachers and other batch mates, facilitating you to learn from each other’s successes and mistakes. In a regular class you might have lacked the courage to deliver your thoughts due to nervousness or public fear. Although, Privacy issues and opportunities for misunderstanding and miscommunication are high, as the normal convention of face to face interaction doesn’t happen on social networking sites.

Social media offers plenty of probabilities for learning and interacting, Along with younger generations well known professionals use such technology in the classroom, they remake the educational panorama. You evidence the world through more than just books and assignments by learning and adapting to the world using a bigger platform. In a world where connections are important, graduates are coming into the workplace with different opportunities with a variety of fields which have a lot to offer.

Social media networks are designed for the purpose of public and mutual connections.  Using social media websites you can become experts by learning basic and even complex functions together with a developing a sense of Internet presence.  It allows you receive and send information, share views and opinions; tips, tricks, and even DIY projects at rapid speeds. Your ability to assess, analyse, retain and share information is catapult and is being recognised by your friends and others. It has become essential for major businesses to include social media marketing. It is vigorous way of teaching as well; just upload your video, articles, research and inventions on the websites in parts to demonstrate your area of specialisation. There is absolutely no need to go to university, school or college and wait for students to turn up. Only people who are interested in the subject will go through it and grasp the knowledge. It helps you to teach a mass of population with different background in a short time. It is magnificent way of learning and teaching.


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