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Cloud Computing in Education

What is “Cloud” Computing? As a technology metaphor, “cloud” computing usually refers the method by which applications and data are hosted and delivered over the Internet instead of local devices. For decades, people store data or run programs from the hard drive of the conventional computers, but the rapidly evolved “cloud” computing supporting real-time data […]

Learning Through Social Networks

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ etc. are springing up daily on the Internet, and people are taking advantage of them for socializing, making friends and gaining popularity. Since they have become a part of our daily lives, it would make a whole lot of sense for students to leverage these media […]

Crowdsourcing in the Classroom

Crowdsourcing has become an important and simple way of solving challenging problems since the advent and evolvement of the Internet. Companies, scientists, charities etc. sometimes crowsource to acquire help from the crowd to get their difficult jobs done. But have you ever heard about crowdsourcing in classroom? Through crowdsourcing, students can easily leverage to get […]

MOOC – Gaining In Popularity

The concept of MOOC or massive open online courses is not a new one. However, though it is gathering momentum and becoming popular today because of its diverse spread across other subjects besides technology. Earlier this type of online learning took place in the technology space. But with the spread of the Internet and mobile, […]