Digital Citizenship — a responsibility for teachers and parents

With the current enhancement and use of technology in almost all aspects of life certain guidelines should be taken into consideration in order to protect our future generation.

1. The right approach: Digital World Parameters
Living in the same world everyone should get equal opportunity to access the technology. So, the first requirement is to attain a social environment where generality gets same probability to use it and fulfil their goals. The objective is to devote a time with a limit so that masses get abjured due to reduced sources could be provided with the services.

digital_citizenship2. Industry: exchange of electronic devices
The electronic industry is booming day by day and so is the selling and purchase of the devices. The users should be aware of laws and justifiable markets to buy them and protocols associated. Logical expenditure in goods and other useful commodities like books and equipment should be done through Internet with proper security and authenticity.

3. Digital Correspondence: knowledge transfer
The communication through out the world has been made possible by digital technology through e-mail, cellular phones, instant messaging and video chats. The fast growing digital communication which can be opted by anyone anywhere requires digital literacy, which people living in rural area or without digital literacy is not possible. Parents at home and teachers at the academic institutions have responsibility to make youth understand to make appropriate decision for the transmission through digital technology.

4. Digital Proficient: Guidelines to use the technology
Interpolation for the interjection of technology should be done targeting on different modes when, where and why to be used. The demand for every sector is different so researching and processing skills must be taught to use technology quickly and appropriately to do the work faster in a consistent way with high literacy skills.

5. Digital Process: electronic standards of execution
While consummation of the technology users should be ware of Don’t and Dos of the technology. Appropriate conduct is expected to behaved and taught giving digital etiquette to stop misuse to develop responsible digital citizens in the new society.

6. Digital Legislation: obligation to the actions
Digital law focuses on conventionalities of technology to minimize illegal use or cyber crime within a society. The teachers and parents should guide about the rules and need to follow them to make users understand that stealing or causing damage to other people’s work, identity, or property online by any means like hacking of the account creating viruses or spams, plagiarizing is a crime.

7. Importance and authority: defining degree of freedom
Privacy legacy and independence with genuine systems must be acknowledged and explored which the citizens of digital world can understand. Coin has two sides so with the rights there comes amenability, which should be fulfilled to communicate and enhance in a fruitful manner.

8. Health & Safety procedure: responsibility towards yourself
Safety measures, questionnaire, health measurements, lectures should be made available or conducted so that individual using it doesn’t becomes victim of overuse of digital technology or not get addicted with it. Along with eye safety, excessive stress syndrome, sound irritation issues should be considered with good practice.

9. Safeguarding: precaution is better than getting cheated
Security alarms, codes, backup files should be installed on our electronic devices before someone deceives us. Teachers and parents should tell the protection methods to the kids to make them responsible citizen for themselves and for the society to avoid any disruption or harm.

10. Patient listener and good speaker: using the platform
Digital technology is very fast and it can be used to raise voice for the society for a good cause the moral values should be inculcated by teachers and parents to give a correct direction to the life at the same time should also appreciate others point of view to get a better idea of any topic.

11. Credibility and engagement: different prospects as a career
Give a feel of reality to understand the use of digital technology in life and in other subjects in education. It can be used as a medium to get success in meaningful way by participating and disseminating in useful information.


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