Rec Pad

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Language: English, Chinese
Support: iPad

Rec Pad provides a simple way to record what you read from a prepared reading transcript. It is suitable for people who make podcasts or vodcast, or record sound/video resources for any other purposes.

What’s new: record video, support retina screen, record audio in background.

Main features

  • Record m4a format files which are ready to import to iTunes Library or publish online
  • Record H.264/AAC encoded video which are ready to import to iTunes Library or publish online
  • Display reading transcripts while recording
  • Manage recorded files such as playing, re-recording, deleting, or exporting
  • Import reading transcripts from email attachments or other apps like Dropbox
  • Support .pdf, .doc, .htm, .html, .txt, .rtf format of reading transcripts
  • Export recorded files via email or “Open In …” methods
  • Export recorded files via iTunes File Sharing function


  1. The app can load only one reading transcript at one time, so you need to import a new reading transcript when making a new recording.
  2. The app supports to record a single audio file for maximum 1 hour.

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